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Hey there!

I am in a very similar, though slightly different situation.

The primary difference for me is that when the recent spontaneous weekend happened, I got down on my knees to give thanks to the Goddess and anyone else who would listen (mostly folks on this forum- teehee: )

I would suggest just being in your moment.
I have been using a little tool to help me.
I call it The Two Choices.
#1. Love and integration and all that goes with it.
#2. Hate and separation and all that goes with it.

I am seeking to use #1 as much as possible and doing as much as I can to help each of my others to feel as if they have the best part of the relationship.

We are only 2 1/2 weeks in and things are going very well.

If it feels good to you, if it feels right, if you want it... then just say so.

Hope it goes well for you and that you continue to share your story. Some members here seem to have been through a lot and have much to share.

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