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Default newbie confusion

Hello everyone,
this weekend was the catalyst for something both powerful and terrifying for me. I am a bi-sexual women with a strong preference for females; and a year ago I lost the straight girl (for which I had a very strong unrequited love for) to my best friend; a straight guy who had been previously interested in me. They have been in a wonderful (although for me fairly painful) relationship for the last year... that is until we had a spontanious conversation about sex, and an on going and equally loving relationship between the three of us.
On one hand, it is a dream come true, but in another I have difficulty even grasping how hard it will be, not to mention that I will have to keep it a secret from my other friends who would probably view the situation with disgust. I do feel a really deep connection with both of them, aside from the amazing sex, but I'm coming in late to the equation, and how do I know that I won't loose them both?
Although I have only been apart of the relationship for days, I already have been more open and truthful to those two people then I have ever been with anyone; the conversation dynamic is awesome, but i can't help but still be plagued with doubts. Before today, I didn't even know that a 'trinogamous' or 'polyamorus' relationship existed....
So I guess that I'm trying to say is.... what now?
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