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In response to polyamory being of "nature" - I believe that we can retrain ourselves to adopt new paradigms in life. I have always thought that I am strictly monogamous, and even thought poly was disgusting.

However, a divorce later, I have made a conscious decision to explore polyamory. I know that I can feel love for more than one at a time - It is the actual practice of polyamory (when my partners are both official and live in the same state, and know each other intimately) that kind've freaks me out. I have no idea how things will work logistically... but am excited to see where this exploration takes me emotionally.

I know I am equipped with a great ability to communicate honestly and I rarely get jealous... so maybe it will work, maybe it wont...

the point is that monogamy has not worked for me in the past, and it could be because of the particular people and relationships, or it could be because of how I acted in the relationships, or it could be because of the rules of the relationships.... whatever is was, I want to see what could work better, be it in a monogamous relationship or polyamorous ones.

Thus, I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone to learn something new about myself and how to live my life.
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