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Default Finally an issue!

First let me say that she is very well examined, brilliant and thoughtful.


She has admitted to having a small issue. WOOT!

We spent quite a bit of time together this weekend.
Movies one night, social gathering the next day.
She is struggling a bit with feeling like a 3rd wheel in public and is feeling the stress of thinking that she has to control her words and her actions towards us. (she is very touchy feely)

I am not sure how to handle this. We are not, being exactly 2 1/2 weeks into this, ready to be "outed". We do not belong to a poly circle and do not have poly friends and are not exactly involved with alternative lifestyle communities. Pretty straight fences around these parts.

Not that that matters to me, I am totally down with outing, just thinking that I would rather it happen when/if we have a better definition of exactly what we are doing. My thought on this is- why stress out people in our periphery for nothing? If we just become sexdates, folks don't need to know about that any more than I need to know what happens in their bedroom. If this journey ends in a few days or even a few months- still, they don't need to be bothered with our story. If, however, this turns into a long term (?) situation, then YES, I would have no need to hide that. I dont feel like we are hiding now, just not announcing. Eh- minor conflict I guess.

In the mean time, we need to find a way for her to feel more comfortable when/if we go out together.

To her credit, she brought it up BEFORE it was a huge issue for her and did so with clarity and a genuineness of heart and spirit.

My initial response to her was that I thought she shouldn't edit herself, so long as she followed normal PDA guidelines. I am not into making others feel uncomfortable or being a provocateur just for the sake of it.

The sex is continuing to blossom, she and I are still on a tiny hiatus while they explore their feelings and desire for each other. This is going well. He is getting over a lot of his guilt and she is coming to terms that her BODY is as responsive to him as her HEART is.

They are still enjoying their morning conversations with each other and I am still trying to eek out some downtime. Maybe tomorrow. It would be nice to not have to think or talk about all of this for just a small period of time.

Peace Out,
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