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Default What do I want in a Secondary relationship?

Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

This IS a work in progress as we figure out what we need and want from our past relationships.


What do I want in a secondary relationship?

dedicated time--at least a couple of evenings a month dedicated to US with no distractions. Distractions in MY dictionary includes cell phone/texting for non-essential stuff and too many 'emergencies' within a short amount of time. I understand that life sometimes does get in the way of premade plans but when it happens too many times within a prescribed amount of time the odds are you really aren't that interested in what I have to offer so I will most likely end the relationship before someone gets more hurt than they already are.

intelligence--you don't have to have book smarts to be intelligent

NO DRAMA!!!!!! If C&C taught me anything it's that drama is way over rated!

Understand that you are NOT the centre of my universe. My world does NOT revolve solely around you. I have a Sir/boyfriend and kids as well as family and friends whom I enjoy spending time with. I am not the center of your universe either. I expect you to have at least family and friends you enjoy spending time with as well.

Someone who knows how to communicate their wants, needs, emotions & anything else that is going on in their lives.

If you want M/s or D/s incorporated you have to say so. I am NOT a mind reader contrary to what my kids think.

Someone who is capable of giving AND receiving love, hugs, cuddles, snuggles and snarky answers.

A sense of humour is essential.

Putting one's self down is a trigger for me and will get you an earful, and more, of what is so good about you and why you shouldn't be feeling that way.

Someone who likes to experiment with different food types. I will go to almost any type of restaurant and most likely enjoy what I eat as long as it isn't too spicey. I don't need my acid reflux acting up just to satisfy your need for super spicey food.
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