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Hello! Thank you all for your comments. It's not like we just went at this shotgun. We have been video chatting and phone chatting, and visiting each other very often over the last 6 months... I usually have about 5,000 texts a month to them. We are always talking. And we understand its more than sex. We DO love each other... that's the thing. It's already all been established, and all partys knows eachothers' feelings. I am extremely emotionally attached to my friend, he is emotionally attached to me, and he is romantically and emotionally and in love with his wife. His wife is also attracted to me, and she has already told him that, and he is perfectly fine with it. I am also emotionally drawn to his wife. I have known his wife since they got married some years ago.

We have all been doing certain things to test the waters for half a year to be sure that we are all up for this emotion wise. We have done a TON of research, and know the risks, so we have tested our feelings a lot. The thing is, its more kinda a mix between Polyfidelity, and Polyamory. They are not willing to do what we do with anyone else but me. That have a very strong bond with me, and I have a strong bong with them. So, its not something that they can go out and test first with others. The attraction is mutual between the 3 of us only.

On to some other things:
We all have extremely mellow attitudes. We dont get angry about things, we are all very mature, and small things wont set us apart. I can't actually think of anything that we could say or do that would make things go bad. I mean, his wife straight up said... "Im attracted to Jon", and he was happy about it and said that's cool.

Their son:
I am actually the Godfather of their son(they call me uncle), so.. I plan on being a part of his life no matter what happens. I accepted that responsibility, and -nothing- would ever change that.

So, I hope all that makes things seem a bit more sane!

Let me know if that stuff helps a bit with the understanding.
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