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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
LoL [uh-oh, does that count??], one of the reasons I got one of those full-qwerty phones was so that I could spell things out properly. I even punctuate my texts. But "lol, brb, wtf, rofl, imho" etc WAY pre-date phone-texting, they've been around since BBS and IRC days. Do those bug you too?
Oh no, I can deal with the "old" ones as I was a chatter for a long time before texting got big and an MMO Gamer where speed and brevity can be essential. But I use those particular words all the time. I think it's more the mixing of chat speak and l33t speak, such as you would see with the LOL Cats. I can haz cheezbrgr. Yes, they are hilarious but sometimes the spelling drives me nutz. Is it really that much harder to hit the "s" key then the "z" key?
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