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Originally Posted by NOT>Rkelly
My username is Jkelly. R. Kelly is an American R&B artist with some unsavoury connotations when it comes to the topic of youth.

I understand that any concerns you may have had about the marginalisation of youth have been addressed to your satisfaction and "maybe even" beyond.
Well there ! See - learn something every day. Knew there was some reason to get up I'll have to check him out.
Sorry for the typo there bud (let's blame in on OLD eyes ? But a psychoanalyst would have a ball with your reaction.

Originally Posted by Laughing Pepper
HAHAHA! oh too funny sorry GS, but I am familiar with Rkelly's music and I just find that tragically coincidental that you got our friend jkelly and Rkelly mixed up...
Kewl - I'm laughing with you. Glad I could add a little stress relief to your life for a minute ! We don't get enough laughter.
Having never heard of the individual, does this mean we need to assume some grander power at work ?


J-kelly - what do YOU think ???
Do you feel marginalized in some way ?
How would you define marginalization ?

Always good to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to language & definition. Always step 1.


You didn't answer my question ? Did you feel any need or desire to get any deeper understanding of the things I said that you quoted - or just content to make the point you have issues with them ? One or the tother .


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