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Originally Posted by DD123 View Post
My friend said that maybe I feel more threatened by S because I havent met her. I dont know if I want to meet her, cuz isnt ignorance bliss?
No it isn' least in my life

Back to my title: I want to be special! If Im not the only one shes sleeping with, I dont feel special. If she goes to the club every other week with someone thats not me, I dont feel special. If the only things we do is normal things like go for walks, make dinner, and watch tv, I dont feel special. We used to play guitar together but she hasnt picked up her guitar in a month, shes just not interested in it like she used to and im starting to feel as if shes not interested in me like she used to be-even though she says its not that.
Then you need to figure out something that is special about your relationship with her. Length of time, type of relationship something that makes you happy and secure.

Sorry but I have to say this: I get the compersion thing but I kinda feel like its BS. Yes I can be happy that shes happy, but I cant JUST be happy cuz shes happy, I want my cake and eat it too. I need to be happy too and if Im just happy for her i think thats some kind of codependency thing going on.
There is nothing in compersion that says you can't get things that make you happy. ...thats something you are creating yourself. I can feel compersion but still feel unhappy at times. I just have to figure out why, or even better find something that makes me happy.

Compersion isn't the TOTAL reliance on another persons joy to make you happy. Its simply being joyful at someone elses happiness with the exclusion of jealousy
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