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RP, a good smack can be good fun sometimes

Danny, I understand what you are saying. Being diplomatic sometimes just doesn't cut the mustard...

To the op, my first marriage rings very in line with this topic. Almost dead on, albeit the ages are different (I was 23ish she was 28 and we had been together 7 years). As the guy in this equation I had simply given up. I didn't even know relationship I realized I had fallen out of love, for many reasons. Regardless of a lack of passion, I had no affection for her, no excitement. She had begun going out, dating and generally ignoring me. We ended up in separate rooms and living different lives.

The best thing she ever did to me was cheat (ps, I knew the entire time, I knew she was dating, she asked permission, I didn't care about anything...but in the end she cheated because I was not in a place to make those decisions, I don't blame her for cheating btw...I was in no place to be in a relationship with her...). It lit something inside of me....FEELINGS...I had become so cold and indifferent I had forgotten what any feeling was like. I strolled through my dad's death, didn't care about my partner, discarded friends. I saw my life as a series of credits rolling up the screen. Her being with someone else...woke me right up. We split shortly thereafter and had some great hate sex btw.

I don't know the entirety of your situation, I understand what RP is saying, because to be honest, I wish my friends had had the gonads to smack her upside the head and force the situation...I wish my friends had had the gonads to tell me how much they disliked her and how much they wanted me out of the relationship. People who are nice and kind and polite...are great...but sometimes, it takes the harsh reality to be thrown in your face....

Again, I don't know details of your situation. Your story resonates with me because I can relate to the partner. In the same breath, as me NOW...I completely respect RP's viewpoint as well...I don't even know if you will read this, but I still wish you luck. I came out the otherside of this a much ... different person, lets just say I took a 180 in my life in almost every aspect of it. Much stronger and more in tune. That was a huge life lesson for me...

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