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You are right sch, it is a privelege to marry and it is also, for some, to divorce. But I think anyone could separate. That to me is not a privilege.

I have been supporting my tersiary these last couple of months as his arrangement with his wife has crumbled. I see many similarities to this situation. Actually, its right down to the tee except that my tersiary now has a girlfriend and me.

For YEARS they played the "we can't afford it" card about splitting up and getting two places and now its a freakin nightmare with two kids in the middle. They should of split the house when they were still being civil to one another and not when neither could stand each other any more. To sit and say, "I can't do it" just isn't acceptable to me. There is always something to do. Even if its just a change in attitude from "I can't" to, "I will." just a start is acceptable to me, because this situation I am convinced, will self distruct. Especially that the op seems to be in a state of denial. At least that is what I get from it.
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