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She popped in this morning and crawled into bed with us.
I am NOT a morning person so though their sounds were sweet and attractive, I chose not to participate.

They did, each in turn, ask if I wanted to join in, but I really did not want to. They respected that and didn't let it interrupt their flow.

As their passion heated, I rolled over and held her in my arms while she climaxed. It was fairly precious.

Other news:
DH is now wondering what it would be like to share love with someone for whom the feelings were spontaneous and independent of me. He has SO much love. He is one of the most caring, nurturing and kind hearted people I have ever met. Seeing him love (as a verb) is one of my greatest pleasures.

However, I am not ready to explore that yet. I don't think that he is either, it was just a legitimate question from a person who is learning that I have not been bullshitting him all of these years; that he is lovely, desirable and lovable.

I was his "first". Way way back in the day. We were young lovers for a very passionate summer and then I left, moved on.

We searched for each other over the years and finally reunited about 3 years ago. Our love and passion was right were we left it!

We were each so sad and heartbroken to realize that each of us were in abusive and ugly relationships.

We liberated each other.

While I spent the 20 years exploring sex and trying to reproduce the love and passion that we had had together, he was with someone who constantly demeaned him, and told him every day that sex was dirty and that he was disgusting for wanting it. Sigh.

So here we are.

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