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Originally Posted by Edward View Post
Wasn't even aware that there was a name for our 'lifestyle' until a few months ago; we were just figuring thing out on our own.

We've been a trio (triad? whatever the term is...) for about 20 years, so I guess that would count as successful. One daughter who's now struggling through early college. We own (along with some loaning agency) a house, and with three modest incomes are managing to stay ahead of the tide. Everyone has their own room, chores are handled by those who do them best (I don't cook, because otherwise we'd eat out all the time) and although there have been some uncertain times, overall we're generally happy.
That's awesome Edward!! 20 years!!! Kudos to all three of you for being together so long and making this work. I do have one question. You said that you all have your own rooms? What are the sleeping arrangements like? Scheduled nights? These questions come purely out of curiosity and if you'd rather not answer, you absolutely don't have to.

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