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Originally Posted by TheRainKing View Post
Like I said before, this entire idea of polyamory is new to me. So when I say things like I said about my feelings toward my daughter and how I wouldn't want her in a polyamorous relationship you have to take into account again my upbringing. My father is a preacher, my mother a submissive preacher's wife. I have been raised to be the head of my household and have walked a careful line in respecting women and worshipping them while still maintaining that domestic leadership. So my thinking regarding my daughter is that I know how careful I've had to be in this relationship, setting it up, talking it over, etc. There have been many long talks between my wife and I and then again between the three of us and there are so many factors that could go wrong that I don't think will so yeah, I would fear for my daughter starting a polyamorous relationship. I wouldn't want her to get into anything she couldn't handle and I wouldn't want her to take the chances that she could be neglected by either spouse or lover. Now if she called me one day and said, "I'm in a polyamorous relationship and it's awesome, everyone respects each other, etc." then I think it'd be easier for me but just like I would imagine any father to be I would be nervous about it.
You're right, I forgot that this is new to you and still probably difficult to understand. I don't have any kids so I won't claim to even be able to understand what a parent has to think/worry about. The comment that I was referring more to was that you wouldn't want this life for your daughter. Let her make that decision. You can do your best to raise them, but fact is that kids do what they want. Believe me, my mother never thought she'd have 2 daughter in laws...from the same son, but in our talks she's realized that I'm an adult and will live my life as I choose. I will make mistakes, but I have to make those mistake in order to learn.

Thanks again for sharing your story with us.

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