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Originally Posted by Lonely View Post
As far as the person he would hypothetically sleep with feeling used, I think that if he was honest from the get go, it might not be an issue, but maybe it would, I didn't think of that. I am able to seperate sex and emotion, but I know not everyone can.
Someone could be okay with a limited-time sex-only relationship going into it, and by the end of the year, one or both people could have developed deeper feelings. People are not emotion-less sex toys. If he really wants to have sex with someone else while you're gone, maybe he could ask people in the swinger community- not that I'm ripping on swingers, just that if someone has that lifestyle, they've already got a good grip on drawing lines between sex and emotions, and there's some people who really like anonymous sex, or one-time things, just for fun. Someone who has done it before and is into that is a better candidate than someone who either A) your husband happens to be attracted to or B) is poly and available for a sexual relationship.
Emotions have a funny way of growing and changing over time.
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