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Default I can't find any reference to this situation I'm going into

Hello everyone!
I am a Male, that will be moving in with my best friend, his wife, and their two year old son.

I have known my friend for almost 10 years, and have become very emotionally attached to him over time. And he has done the same to me as well. His wife gave us permission a while ago to fool around while him and I were on vacation, and it was fun. Well, in addition to that, the three of us decided to make the plunge, and all fool around with each other at the same time. It was a great time, no jealousy involved, no regrets, only the desires to do so again. I have never fooled around with a guy, but I really enjoyed it. I equally enjoyed fooling around with his wife. And he really liked that too.

Well, now we are going to be moving in together(For OTHER reasons, not because of our relationship history), and I think that they are deciding on an open marriage, since I'll be a roommate and it will make things more comfortable, since we are all really open about ourselves.

I have looked around online for others in this situation, and it seems quite unique. Is there anyone else in a situation like this? We are all really looking forward to it.

--Jon D
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