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Sorry MrRusty, but I completely disagree with your claim that all people are polyamorous and some just haven't found the right people.

The only evidence you've presented is that your wife, who formerly believed herself to be monogamous, has discovered that she actually may be attracted to other people. As a fallacy, it's like saying "I thought my dog was black, but then I gave him a bath, and the dye washed out, so he's a white dog. Therefore all dogs must be white, but some just have their fur dyed."

I definitely do agree that there are a LOT of non-monogamous people out there who are living a life of lies and denying their true nature. But that's a completely different thing from saying that ALL people are non-monogamous and denying their true nature.

Originally Posted by saudade View Post
But those who make an informed choice about themselves? Let them have their way, especially since we're asking the same of them.
Thumbs up. It's one thing to be in the dark, another to be in denial, and quite another to be fully exposed. In the dark: Most of society who doesn't know that a healthy way of non-monogamy exists, and haven't considered whether they would be monogamous if they "had the choice." In denial: have realized that monogamy doesn't work for them, but haven't made it a healthy part of their lifestyle. Fully exposed: know full-well about the non-monogamy possibilities, have examined themselves, and found themselves to be on one or the other end of the spectrum.

Originally Posted by idealist View Post
The top is hetro/homo and the bottom is poly/mono. Maybe that's what it would be like???
I totally don't understand what "equally monogamous and polyamorous" means. I can understand how you can be equally attracted to men and women, and therefore equally homosexual and heterosexual. But if you're monogamous, then you only want to be monogamous in your relationships. You can't be in two relationships, and then say "I'm monogamous with person A and polyamorous with person B" because as soon as you throw person B in there, the monogamy goes out the window.

Does it mean that you can be equally satisfied in either a monogamous or a polyamorous relationship? i.e. that if you're in a monogamous relationship, you don't feel like you're "missing out" and if you're in a polyamorous relationship, you don't feel as though you're "cheating" ?
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