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I STILL look young and I STILL get that crap, but I don't feel compelled to say "hey, you know what, I'm 40, so stop treating me like I'm 20" because that's a very silly way of dealing with people in the first place.
Boy can I feel this thought!!
"YOU have an 18 year old daughter!??!?!?!?"
"Yes, I have an 18 yo DD, 14 yo DS, 10 yo DS and a 3 yo DD."
"That is IMPOSSIBLE!?!?!"

(internal thought-impossible??)

I get SO much crap about being "so young". I just smile and say thank you-go on with whatever it is I'm doing whilst internally thinking-thank you God for letting me age well.

I have to agree that a lot of feeling marginalized goes away if you are willing to just act like yourself and live your life.

It may well have been this thread that some months ago I spoke of the 16 (now 17 yo) who I count as a friend. Yes he's younger than my oldest child. But he's a GREAT guy and I like hanging out with him. He's fun, honest, friendly and REAL. He doesn't treat me different because I'm "old" and I don't treat him different because he's "young" (except that he's hot and I DO NOT hit on him-because he is young-but that's different).
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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