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Originally Posted by jkelly View Post

So your response to someone who is feeling marginalised due to their age is to tell them to not worry about it, because they'll just grow out of it?

Yes, that is correct. However, they will not grow out of feeling marginalized because of their AGE. They will grow out of feeling marginalized because they are "young" and then they will feel marginalized because they are "old".

I used to get the crap about not being taken seriously at meetings and all that. You know what? The way I dealt with that is not to wail about how marginalized I was, because that would have marginalized me further. The way I dealt with it was to do the best I could with my talents and strengths and PROVE through ACTIONS that I was able to do the job. I did not LET a bunch of insecure, small-minded nobodies tell me who *I* was or what my limits were.

So, yes. If you "feel marginalized" because of your age, get out there and live your life, get experienced in whatever it is you do, and don't let anyone else tell you you're less than just because of your age. I STILL look young and I STILL get that crap, but I don't feel compelled to say "hey, you know what, I'm 40, so stop treating me like I'm 20" because that's a very silly way of dealing with people in the first place. And it is not my mission in life to fix every jackass with whom I come in contact.
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