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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I suspect that being strongly supportive of youth in community organising and leadership would be helpful.

I also think that it would be helpful if, when the topic is raised, those members of the community who are not young point out any marginalising behaviour from others in their age group. Given that they are likely to have more authority, it will be easier for them to be heard over the defensiveness.
Thank you, that is very useful actually. I am going to a workshop tomorrow night on age differences in polyamory and I have given a lot of thought to my opinion... My thoughts were a long these lines and I appreciate that I am not off base in terms of being supportive rather than condescending, naive and ignorant.

Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
username is Jkelly. R. Kelly is an American R&B artist with some unsavoury connotations when it comes to the topic of youth.

I understand that any concerns you may have had about the marginalisation of youth have been addressed to your satisfaction and "maybe even" beyond.
HAHAHA! oh too funny sorry GS, but I am familiar with Rkelly's music and I just find that tragically coincidental that you got our friend jkelly and Rkelly mixed up...

heehee, heh. okay, trying to stop laughing now... HA! okay, I think I got it out.... well kind of.

Carry on, don't mind me while I fall of my chair.

(I hope you don't think I'm laughing at you GS, well I am, but in a good way )
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