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Originally Posted by southerndreams View Post
you don't know how close to home you just hit with that last part. I no longer feel the constant manic buzz that I felt with monogamy. I know that D will support me when I have another partner. (I just lost the one I had. good riddance) peace of mind is a wonderful thing
Peace of mind IS a wonderful thing .

I was talking to Breathes about this yesterday. It's kind of like comparing apples and oranges, really. My last mono relationship (uggggg) was all about him trying to control me. I lost what few friends I had because of his control issues and extreme jealousy. The ones I'm in now don't even compare to that because there is NO element of control or jealousy what so ever! I do have that problem sometimes when Breathes has a new partner or one I don't like but they have absolutely no jealousy concerning me and my partners!

It's so nice to just be able to sit back and relax and enjoy friendships, courtships, relationships of all sorts without having to look over my shoulder to figure out when the ex is going to walk in the door and end yet another friendship!
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