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Haha this is an amazing website!

I'm more Northern (English) Methodist by background, and am currently rather less committed to my faith than Jasmine.

As is pretty common with people on here I find the whole Poly concept resonates deeply with many aspects of my life - my libido, my general attitude to life - oh yes and my principled background.

It also clashes violently with some of the more obvious parts of Christianity.
But it's surprising how many of the deeper parts of the faith resonate with Poly.

Remember Christians believe in life eternal. Think about that and replay the marriage vow itself - you are promising fidelity 'till death do us part'. So only for now, while we live on this Earth. When we meet again in heaven, we will no longer be bound by these constraints.

CS Lewis, the popular and deeply intellectual Christian writer describes in 'The Great Divorce' describes an allegorical trip between hell and heaven in which a man visits heaven (with a view to leaving hell) but finds his wife already happy and playing with her friends. 'Don't you miss me?' he says 'It is impossible to be sad here' she says. His possessiveness is not permitted to harm her happiness and he goes back to hell deflated.

Beyond that, the whole honesty and openness of Poly practitioners, the amount of goodwill and simple love that is expressed here and in the few books I have read chimes strongly with the general ethos of Christianity, which makes Love pretty much the lych-pin of all relationships here and hereafter.

I'm pleased, Jasmine, you feel God is near. That's not where I am at the moment. Are you part of a church? How do other members feel about Polyamory?

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