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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
ummm...I am honestly not sure what to say about this. You are in a poly relationship thats working, honest and you don't want your kids to get involved.

In my world thats a serious mindfuck...(excuse the language people )

How are you, as the bf, ever going to convince or talk to the father of your gf and fully expect him to accept and understand the relationship structure his daughter is in when you aren't convinced of it yourself.

I would think the first question out of his mouth would be "what would you think if it was your daughter"...

I think I have been shocked and awed... I really wish you the best of luck with your talk...I hope it works out. ...
My thoughts exactly. I understand that this lifestyle isn't for everyone, but out of all of our monogamous friends, the girls and I have the healthiest relationship. I know this because we're the ones that they all call when this one did that, or that one did her...yeah, that serious. As Aria stated, you're in a poly relationship that is working out far. Why wouldn't you want your daughter to have as much love as possible surrounding her? I have two women that love me implicitly, care about me, and cherish me as much as I do them. Why wouldn't I want that for my son...if I had one of them lil devils. :P

Either way, good luck with your chat and I say be yourself. Obviously his daughter thinks that you're safe or she wouldn't be moving in with you and your wife. I also suggest but as straight forward with him as possible. As tough as it can be, honest truly is the best policy. Just make sure you give him the same disclaimer I give all my family members. Understand that you can ask a question, but you're going to get an answer regardless of whether you like it or not. LOL Ok, maybe save that for after you get to know him a bit better.

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