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that is really Judgemental, i dont see how my new relationship is cheating as I am open about what is going on AND the intimate and emotional relationship with my husband ended a long time ago. Where is the deciet?
I agree it takes two to tango and we both have responsibility for the breakdown of the marriage. What I am trying to do is salvage some kind of friendship because we have spent many years together, have had many wonderful experiences and have two beautiful children. At the moment it is IMPOSSIBLE to go seperate ways, eventually yes. Good therapists and Good Lawyers cost lots of money of which we dont have at the moment.
I am also stunned that ANYONE choose to become involved with me given the difficulty of my situation.

Thanks for pointing out that that. I would like him to read something about open relationships, he is pretty much considers that polyamory is a tool of the devil.
I do feel I am being kept an emotional hostage to a degree.
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