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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Actually I think its not so much a *disease* or *illness* as such but a *virus*. Because it was picked up from somewhere rather than having been manifested from within.

Yea....I'd agree with this wholeheartedly.'s okay...take a deep breath. You ARE going to feel this way sometimes (probably even a lot in the beginning), it won't go away over night. It does hurt. Have you sat down with your SO for a heart to heart? Have the two of you discussed boundaries for your relationship? Are there actions he can take that will help you feel fully supported? You both need to work on this, as individuals and also as a couple.

This is just my opinion but I think that in any relationship you have to strive to be self aware....meaning that you should be able to share with your partner specific things they can do to help/love/support you, depending on the situation. No one is a mind reader, no matter how long they've known you and some times events occur that bring to light new things. As others have said communication is key. Keep talking and don't be afraid to ask for might need to be open minded and find a middle ground (your partner is going to need things too), but this is all about growing together. Have you asked him how much time/energy/love he's able to put forth towards what you and he have together?
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