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Default Polyamory and Christianity

The intended purpose of this thread is to talk about polyamory and Christianity as it relates to members of this message board.

I was raised Southern Baptist. Then I discovered a need to understand my draw to nonmonogamy, and this discovery threw my faith into crisis.

Months of soul searching and Scripture searching and crying out to God in desperation led me to a new understanding of Christianity and of my personal faith. I ended up with a much deeper, richer, more "real" connection to God than I had ever before experienced. I also ended up with a deeper, richer, more "real" connection to myself, because I said Yes to myself about polyamory, and trusted God to see me through that process.

For me, transitioning to polyamory was part and parcel of transitioning from a "because they told me so" religion to a "because I've experienced it" faith. "He walks with me and He talks with me, and He tells me I am His own."

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