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Originally Posted by sumsumsum View Post
To hear them tell it, everything is perfect.
(Said with just a tad of disbelief).
A disbelief which I brought to the table and to which they BOTH responded by saying that they have a tendency to not verbalize until things are a BIG problem. Hence, "Things are great".
hehe...our ex used to call me on this crap all the time. I had specific sayings and manarisms when I was hiding something. Damn woman could pick them out and just know when I was upset. I am a great communicator, but have my weaknesses might have to learn their communication style so you can read them

They both have such submissive energy at the moment! It kind of erks me and compels me to instigate a catharsis for them! But that is not my job. For now I am going to go with relationship advice that urges us to "believe what your partner tells you."
Good call...especially with multiple relationships, if you try to help or wear their emotions for yourself you are going to break. Keep yourself open, offer to communicate, if they have to leave it to them to own their emotions ...

Thanks for sharing
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