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Are you connected to a local poly community? Or to a church that would accept your triad? Or any kind of community that will accept your gf?

Introduce the gf's dad to wonderful people who know all three of you and think everything is fine and will be watching out for the welfare of all three of you the way that all communities do for their people. Then the gf's dad will know she has people she can turn to if she needs them.

Originally Posted by TheRainKing View Post
...this isn't what I would want for my daughter, a polyamorous relationship I mean. I think that she would feel ashamed or jealous and although I don't feel that way, I don't like to think that my own daughter would ever have to set her dignity aside.
Most of us start with all this monogamous thinking ingrained in us from our culture and our upbringing. It takes time and practice to think in a different way. For religious people, it helps to find a supportive religious community and minister.
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