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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Just for the record, someone who is mono wired is not going to like the ethical slut. At least that is what I have experienced. In fact I have known it to simply anger and scare mono people. Love without limits is a far better option as it explains possible "why" someone is poly not "how" to be someone who is.

I like this a lot. thanks breathgirl!
"My lightbulb moment came when I realized that he CHOSE to come home to me each and every time he was with someone else. He didn't come home because he had to, I don't own him. He came home because he wanted to. He wanted to spend time with me. He wants to spend the rest of his life with me. He wants to help me make my life more than it already is, he wants me to help him make his life more."

I also agree with Rarechild, I suspect your comparison issues started before this relationship. Nothing like poly to bring up stuff that we sometimes wish would not be brought up. But really, it makes us more alive to get through issues... so maybe try and see it this way. You can recover from this *illness*, and I do rather prefer *illness* to *disease* and on can recover from an *illness* I feel whereas recovering from a *disease* somehow seems less probable.
I've been away forever, but reading this has reminded me of all the wisdom that RedPepper has. Very well said.

Live life to the fullest 'cause you never know if you're gonna wake up tomorrow!
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