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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post

I like the way you think! I suppose that taking up 9/10ths of the bed is my way of suggesting that Breathes cuddle closer with me . I can handle that, lol.

All that said I'm finding that after years and YEARS of serial monogamy I am thoroughly enjoying the peace of mind that being able to have my two bestest friends in my life gives me. I'm also enjoying the freedom that having a non-jealous and non-possessive partner has given me. They genuinely enjoy each other's company as much as I enjoy having each of them in my life and I'm LOVING it!
you don't know how close to home you just hit with that last part. I no longer feel the constant manic buzz that I felt with monogamy. I know that D will support me when I have another partner. (I just lost the one I had. good riddance) peace of mind is a wonderful thing

I like friends.
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