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Originally Posted by Danny40179 View Post
I wanna know if there are any other triad success stories like ours out there!! I know there are a few "V" relationships and that's AWESOME!! Guess I just wanted to see if there were any other families like ours out there.
I don't really know if my family should be called triad or V or whatever relationship, because I never cared much for such labels (in fact I only found out a few months ago that there was actually a term for our lifestyle at all). I love my boyfriend and I have sex with him. And I love his wife to whom I have an intimate relationship which is in no way a sexual one whatsoever. And our children are loved and raised by all three of us equally. So everyone is responsible for the relationship in the same way and has to interact with both partners - thus you may call it a triad in that way, though a V in the sexual sense. Now with my new boyfriend added I wouldn't know how to call this special constellation (probably that's what you'd call an N?!), so I prefer just to state that we're all happy with it
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