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Default Love all the Time

Once, a long time ago, a friend (trying to be condescending) told me that I love all the time. And I thought...

damn straight, I love all the time!

Hello, my name is Kitty and I am a practicing atheist, bisexual polyamorist and I love it! I've been with my boyfriend, Bear, for almost three years now and I am glad to say that my girlfriend has been with us (albeit off and on) for ~7 months.

My gf and I had some falling outs when we first started this, but we finally realized we were just miserable when we were apart. My bf is very forgiving and patient with us, which is pinnacle to us being polyamorous. I have always dreamed that I would live my life with more than one spouse, be it legally or spiritually. Unfortunately, living in the buckle of the bible belt of Texas makes being a bisexual, atheist, polygamist ridiculously hard. I'm so blessed that my friends are open-minded and supportive of us!

And good news! Just before I joined the forum, my gf proposed to me and we will be having a spiritual binding ceremony (designed by her <3) later this month. Now for the bf to catch up, but he's taking his sweet time, lol.
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