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other than the fact that you are about to get very busy with work.... what exactly is the rush here? Yay, you fell in love... can it not be that you wallow in that and enjoy it? Let it build and grow and naturally take it's course.

Three weeks in and you are planning baby names... wow! I suspect that there is a lot you don't know that will manifest in TIME. It might be a good thing that you are back to work soon, it might slow you down.

As for time lines? It sounds very formalized and strategic. As does the whole "shagbuddy" thing. Life naturally doesn't operate like that in my experience. You have been swinging and having casual relationships. I found in my past experience that the nature of these kinds of relationships is that they are controllable and there can be a time line. Love doesn't seem to work like that. Allow this to be different if you are in face in love with him. Because it is different.

I'm with Ciel, I used to be the one who was able to do it with anyone, just about and have recently realized in the last year that I am not really. I found no sense of empowerment in that type sexual behaviour and in fact it damaged my sense of sexes specialness. For me it is wrapped in love and whisks me away in the feelings of that kind of emotion... I suggest you allow yourself to have this. It is simply different and should be treated as such in my opinion.
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