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Default Trying to not get upset/angry

Okay, again this is all really hard for me... this may sound silly and juvenile but i really cannot control where my feelings take me...
I just went through the multiple tabs open on my google chrome window... my boyfriend and i use the same computer... and he had a window up about caring for secondary partners...and this over whelming amount of hurt feelings entered into my head... i dont really see him worry about how to treat me better... why would he want to focus on how to treat her better...when he doesnt seem to care about my feelings... i truly cannot stand feeling like she is more important than me... that he cares for her more than me... i cannot even stand the thought of him caring about her feelings...

ughh... sometimes im okay with all of this and than other times.... i just wish i never opened myself up to get hurt in the first place... i just feel so... defeated..

i know it is something so small... but it triggers so many other emotions...
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