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Default Update..

UPDATE: Well it has been a few weeks now & it is going well. I should mention that this is not an open poly relationship. Other than a few close friends it has been kept private.

I am writting tonight because I have an issue... there are two relationships here... my wife & myself.. & My wife & our friend. We are not a triad ( I think it is called) but I would like it to be. I know the poly thing is openness, honesty etc... so I did talk to my wife about it a few times now. At first I would become quite frustrated because I had a difficult time expressing exactly what I wanted to say, mostly because it is my wife & I don't want to hurt her feelings. When I finally got the truth out she was quite understanding. However, she said that she wasn't sure if she was ready to see me be more intimate with out friend. I, of course understood her position too. You know, it's not even sex that I am after but the closeness & a more intimate experience with the three of us. I think about it allot. Our friend & I text now & again & there is a flirty element to it from time to time... my wife know's... as I said it is open. BUT, I, nor my wife or I have made my thoughts known to our friend...yet.

After our last conversation, my wife & I agreed that we'd let things roll along naturally & go where they may as long as everyone was fine with it. That works for me.... I really do hope that it grows in the direction that I want it to. I just can't decide if I should let it roll, or do I have that conversation with the friend when I feel the time is right??? hmmmm...


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