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Originally Posted by sumsumsum View Post
HE is struggling a bit with sensory overload when the three of us are together. He is gets a little over excited, physically and mentally. It is affecting his erection. I gave him some breathing exercises to do and he is going to start cardio training (again) to see if that helps.

Thanks so much for sharing!!! I just have one quick idea for your number 10 item. One of my guys has met a female friend of mine and they hit it off pretty well. There is a chance that the three of us will date and get a chance to spend time together in the future. She and I talked about having a classic ménage e trios with him since he has never had that experience. So- anyway, he has some viagra. It comes in 100mg. He took less than a quarter of one (he estimated it was about 15 mg) Saturday night when he and I were together and it improved his "staying power" so much that I feel it would be a nice thing to have if and when we do have that ménage e trios. He had experimented with it and found that too much is not comfortable, but just the right amount gives the boost he needs without any adverse affects!! It's just a thought!
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