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Originally Posted by sumsumsum View Post
Hi Blueflame!

I HAVE been in LDR's, but no, I am not in a LDR at the moment. Our GF lives just up the street! And further more, is a close part of both our work and social life.

I have no complaints, just wanted to say that I can see the benefit of the LDR; )

We are fresh, fresh, fresh and I figure things will either steam up or simmer down- right? I have had a few moments of needing some timeout but I really do not have much of a retreat place for that.

I am a little concerned for you that you felt forced into the physical aspect a little earlier than you were anticipating. Have you communicated with them about that? Are you doing okay with that now?

Wishing you the best,
How great that you all live so close. I hope things work out for all of you. It's an exciting time.

I'm sorry to hear you don't really have a place to retreat to. Having time for yourself is so important, I think. I think in that aspect, having a LDR works aright for me even though it's a little hard because both my husband and gf tend to show love most strongly physically (hugs, kisses, snuggling, etc), while I'm more of an independent type who doesn't prefer physical love over other forms of love 'languages'. So I think I'd feel a little overwhelmed right now if she lived nearby.

Yeah I have talked to them both about how I felt. I guess I'm okay with it now, since really you can't re-do the past, but I do feel slightly resentful because I don't feel like I was able to ease into that with her and I feel like I lost something, or rather missed out on something, because of that. But it was the heat of the moment. I tried backing off, but she wanted it and he was watching and wanted it to happen, and I guess I wanted it too, just not then and not that quickly, but I just sort of gave in since they both really wanted it to happen.
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