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Originally Posted by sumsumsum View Post
Awww, that is a sweet story, one I can sort of relate to.

The long distance thing is hard, for sure, but there are also huge gifts in that.

I am new to this situation as well and in the midst of NRE I can absolutely see the benefit of forced time out.

Thanks for sharing your story.

Yes, the long distance is a little rough, but we talk frequently online and through text messages, and we visit each other every month or so. I also write her letters and send cards through snail-mail. Are you also in a long distance relationship?

I wish my NRE had lasted a bit longer than what it had. I was still trying to get my 'feet wet' with being with another girl and just enjoying the closer contact, but I felt a little pushed into a more physical relationship with her (by both of them) than I was ready for and I think that sort of killed some of the NRE for me.

I hope things are going well for you and your new relationship

Thank you for your comments.
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