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Originally Posted by BlueFlame View Post
............. I feel confused and unsure if this is the direction I want my life to take. I also fear both the fact that my relationship with her wonít last forever, as well as the idea that it just might last. It would break my heart to lose her (she feels the same way about me), but at the same time, Iím not sure this is how I want to live my life.
Hi Blueflame - and welcome !

My only thought..........

Sometimes we tend to over analyze and over plan our lives. In the process we fail to celebrate what we have in front of us. Only much later do we look back and say "damn ! I messed that up!"

I suggest.........flow with it. Cherish what you have. Don't pollute it with plans & expectations. It may or may not last 'forever'. But if you just nurture it the pieces that are truly special DO last........forever.

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