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Default Stood up :(

So...We have been talking back and forth with another couple for the last two weeks or so online. We have exchanged (G-rated) pics and such (nothing X rated or even R-rated. Neither of us asked for those at all), and we have given them our phone number, but they never responded with theirs. We thought that was kinda weird, but we told them to call us some time to chat as it was faster than e-mails. Finally, we set up a date....We were going to meet them, and their kids, at a local restaurant. Again, kinda weird...but not totally out there. The wife of the couple and I had been getting along quite well, and my wife and the husband of the couple had also been getting along nicely. Well, we ride our motorcycle the 30+ miles to the restaraunt, and wait. We showed up 1/2 hr early, looked around, and waited on a bench by the front door. We waited for an hour. (The date was set for 7pm, and we showed at 6:30 and waited till 7:30) We sent them some e-mails from our phone expressing that we were worried about them, initially....Then we both figured that since we had given them our phone number on NUMEROUS occasions, we were being stood up. If they had a vehicle break down, they could have called us. If they had some other issue, they could have called us. So, as it stands now, they have made NO attempts to contact us since the night before last. How disconcerting. We have never been stood up by a couple before. Singles, yes....but never a couple.

We still hope that they are ok. but at the same time, we are kinda hoping that there was something that went wrong, to explain why they would do this to us. Is that bad? To hope that someone had something bad happen to explain why they would do this? Uggh!

Moving on....After we left, we decided to go out for ourselves and try to make the best of it. We went to dinner, and then to a local "swingers" club. Uggh....Now we remember why we don't really like those much again. No "real" connections....Just sport sex. Plus, there were some people there that we knew, and it totally turned into a yucky time. We ended up getting a room for ourselves, and cuddled and had fun together. This was an evening the other cpl missed out on, but that we so wanted to share.

We are now looking again......This is so difficult.
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