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ksandra said
How much control does your primary have over when/how often you get to see your secondary?
I don't THINK he has as much control as anyone else who goes out to see friends or family. A lot of our time together, or lack of, is due to circumstances like work schedules, kids schedules, etc. similar to what RedPepper and Derby are finding----getting time together with so much else going on CAN be a challenge. Tuesdays just happens to work for us because Breathes works his second job that night which gives me some alone time here at home so spending it with Possibility just makes sense & makes us all feel good about it since it's not taking time from Breathes or my kids. It also gives his other partners time to spend together as well. Oh yeah, it means Possibility & I get to eat some of the stuff the rest of our families don't like, lol, things like tuna.

southerndreams said :
it's not hogging the's your way of inviting him to cuddle when you're asleep

I like the way you think! I suppose that taking up 9/10ths of the bed is my way of suggesting that Breathes cuddle closer with me . I can handle that, lol.

All that said I'm finding that after years and YEARS of serial monogamy I am thoroughly enjoying the peace of mind that being able to have my two bestest friends in my life gives me. I'm also enjoying the freedom that having a non-jealous and non-possessive partner has given me. They genuinely enjoy each other's company as much as I enjoy having each of them in my life and I'm LOVING it!
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