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happy to report that the only drama of the night was that husbands g/f's ex showed up at the party. As far as the three of us went, things were great, she and I were able to talk for a bit and I had no negative emotions at all.

Was also kissed about 4 times by a friend that has apparently had the hubby's permission for about a yr now. Guess he didn't decide to act until he saw my husband with his g/f. I've kissed 2 other men in the 8 yrs I have been with my husband, and never felt anything. Tonight was different. And while I am not interested in pursuing anything until the husband and I are in a better place. It was good to know that I am capable of having those stirrings for someone other than my husband or a female. Makes me think most of my concern about monogomy was how I was raised not what I believe. But it is still a learning process. Will be an interesting new path to explore one day.
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