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Is this old thread reopened ?

Rkelly - do you have concerns you'd like to express or was your post just intended to weigh in with your opinion ?

Where you seemed to quote a lot of my statements, if you are still around and would like to open some general dialogue I'll be happy to expand on or clarify any of that material you picked out.

I think in general - and any/everyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong - that this discussion ended on a note that while any particular 'individual' might feel something less than embraced by any particular preexisting group of any type, that 'in general' (overall) folks attempting to successfully live a poly lifestyle were far from 'ageist' - maybe even quite the contrary.

If that is the case I'm pretty sure the group (members) as a whole would be happy to help someone work through where that perception is coming from - the same as we try to help each other work through all manner of other sticky wickets.

What say anyone ?????

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