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I'll tell you why young people aren't as marginalized as they think they are (and I'm 39. some people would consider that "young" as well. I do not have an opinion on that for the purposes of this discussion).

None of us are getting any younger, and Western society extols the virtues and benefits of youth as the "pop-cultural" norm (whether or not you agree that I am qualified to make this determination is academic and debatable. Let us assume for the moment that I am qualified to do so). Youth is seen as the "future". EVERYone was young at some point. EVERYone went through the "discrimination" of not being allowed to drive or not being allowed to buy alcoholic beverages. It is NOT the same thing as being of a certain minority ethnic or racial group, or a certain religious or lifestyle orientation. I remember being 20-ish and some of the offensive remarks that were made to me by "older" people regarding my age... It was clear then just as it is now that the people who made those remarks felt marginalized because of THEIR age! The "marginalization" of myself as a younger person was the side effect of older people who could not process their jealousy and envy. I remind myself of this often and try to make a point not to duplicate this mentality as I grow older. But you have to understand, that the cultural programming of western society DOES place youth on a pedestal, NOT the other way around.
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