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It is rather a cliche isn't it?! When I was searching on dating sites for my ever illusive other (so glad to not have to do that any more!), I came across two things most often; cheating men looking for women who were also cheating or in an open relationship and men who wanted a unicorn to give some experience to their bi curious females (and of course have fun themselves!). I didn't fit any of that. Although did try it all on for size.

I look now for women of exprience with other women and there is never any that are interested in bisexual (I actually identify as polysexual), experienced women who are with two primary men and a secondary man! Ha! None! Women don't seem to be on the forefront of their sexuality unless they are single or their men have expressed an interest in something more. Of course I am generalizing here, but I have noticed it to be true and experienced it as reality. It makes me concerned when women come on here and say their man wants to be poly and they will try it because of him.

Am I just a novelty because I have taken my own sexuality into my own hands? Am I just overly sexualized? What? I feel sometimes as if I am especially as I come across judgement, disagreement in how I live my life and sometimes discussed.
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