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Originally Posted by southerndreams View Post
If i'm lucky I see D once a week. I see E a bit more but it's a newer relationship. I have my alone time but D is that one person I can bounce of and not be worried that I'm not making myself clear. unfortunately it's been 2 weeks since I've seen D. I don;t know about others but the whole once a week thing sometimes makes me sad. I mean we talk and enjoy each others company but I don't alway feel that once a week is enough. I'm trying not to be selfish though.
Yes, more than once a week would be nice but we all work, have families, etc. Possibility has two primaries as well as two young children to take care of plus he's recovering from gall bladder surgery. We occasionally do get to see each other more often because our schedules just work out that way, once a week is the norm.
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