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I do not mean to sound negative... this is meant to be positive.
so what if you simply have given this your best shot and you simply found that want your heart desires is a monogamous relationship?
there's nothing wrong with monogamy, just like there is nothing wrong with polyamoury...hell i'll even go a bit further and say there nothing wrong with polygamy (just bad press from some cult religions..)
it takes all kinds of people and all kinds of relationship types to make the world go around...
follow your heart, communicate with your significant other...
maybe this was just insecurity or maybe this was your heart telling you that you want monogamy...
there was no easy way to solve matter what you decided there was bound to be hurt....
you decided to do the figuring it out... didnt rush it tho, took time to explore. read up online, talked to others in your position....
in the end, if you follow your hearts honest desires, communicate, and love with all your will be ok. i promise.
sounds like you've pretty much figured it out, and i'm happy for you... theres nothing wrong with what you've decided...
good luck in life!!!! and i really do hope you and your hubby can work this out. it took a lot of love to say "no" to you leaving... I really wish you both the best. all three of you will have a lot of pain, but all i can say is what i said above.
((Hugs))) lotsa and lots of (((hugs))
"...Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident." ~St Augustine

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