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Default How to start dating again...

I just wanted to say that knowing who you are & what you want is an asset & shows strength of character. Not molding yourself around those you date also shows strength of character.

I went back to dating last September. I hadn't dated since I met my ex in 1977. After my divorce 2 years ago, I focused on myself. My neighbour became concerned & suggested I go fishing. "Huh?" I registered with a free on-line dating service. I was overwhelmed by the responses, especially at my age. It did my ego a lot of good & I became a lot more confident.

And I had, & still do have rules. They have to fit my life. I compromise but not by much. I now have 2 men in my life who were attracted to my independence because they have the same needs.

Like Redpepper said, take a break. Why not go fishing.
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