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Originally Posted by Breathesgirl View Post
Let's see--beer & ribs fest is coming up
International Day - I live in an international town, I get enough international bout national day
Victoria Day - Here
Canada Day - actually great time to leave town...whistler turns into a cowboy western for this day
beer garden girls - ya, my ex won't dressup for me anymore, so this is a selling point
brats - ... ...I assume you mean kids...otherwise you mean ...the good kind
me - always good to meet people off of forusm
Breathes & Possibility
mmmmmmm, let me think, IS there more? *wink*
Actually I may be back in the fall if I can swing the time. An old buddy is newly single and I have a girl friend of mine who wants to introduce me to her gf. First time she has been serious about anyone in years.

So you may get a pm saying I am on my way
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