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Ciel, yes, it can be hard to manage the self-relationship when you have so much else going on.

Some people seem to have a problem with one very tiny, yet very large, word. The word NO. If I can see that I need that time for myself I am very comfortable with telling someone 'no'. ie. Breathes asked me if I was going to come along to the RPG tonight for the companionship. "No". My body has been doing some very odd things lately & I need to spend some time with myself figuring out what these things mean. Not to mention I need that down time to recharge after a weird work week.

LadyMonterey: I love it when people are comfortable with themselves and aren't always LOOKING for something or someone just because they don't want to be lonely. How can one be lonely when they have such wonderful companionship as themselves????? I'm baffled, lol.
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